Philanthropy & Social Investment

Philanthropy & Social Investment

Vincent Private Wealth very much enjoys working with wealthy families, foundations, endowments, universities, museums and community service organizations. We can work closely with your organization to help meet its unique investment goals. Further, we can work with your personal team of advisors to identify ways to help you create a philanthropic legacy to support the causes you believe in most, with a lasting impact for your lifetime and beyond. The Vincent Private Wealth team is passionate about legacy planning.

We recognize the options open to those who want to make a difference are more varied and exciting than ever. From traditional grant-making to social investing in support of charitable activities or social enterprises, there are many enjoyable ways to make a positive lasting difference.

Our expertise

Drawing on many years of experience, our dedicated team offers advisory services to clients at all stages of their philanthropy journeys, whether they are just starting out or very experienced.

Clients and their families regularly seek advice on a range of issues:

  • Embarking on a philanthropy journey
  • Developing a strategy for their philanthropy and/or social investment
  • Engaging the next generation
  • Developing an understanding of the causes they care about and how to effectively target their resources
  • Developing meaningful and appropriate relationships with the organizations they support
  • Reviewing the results and impact of their philanthropy

And when it comes to turning philanthropy strategies into reality, Vincent Private Wealth offers services associated with establishing and managing charitable trusts or foundations, including charity investment and trust services.

When you are investing funds for charitable purposes, it is essential to be seen as prudent and responsible. But, at the same time, it is vitally important to ensure the best possible return, in order to advance the good cause in question – both immediately and in the longer term. Our experienced investment team works with high net worth donors, trustees, and charities. Taking into account your objectives, we will help to devise a robust and truly bespoke investment strategy that will enable you to grow your assets, and maximize the impact of your charitable activities. There is an abundance of administrative and regulatory complexities facing charities today. Our passion and experience in the field of charity investment are reassuringly vast.

Endowment Management

Looking for a partner to address your organization’s unique investment needs? Vincent Private Wealth is passionate about working with nonprofit organizations. We work together with your team to meet the organization’s investment goals while navigating the regulatory environment unique to nonprofit organizations.