Business Sale & Succession Plan

As a company owner, you have numerous options to create liquidity. You can transfer your business to your kids or another relative, you can look for a strategic buyer, you can sell ownership to your staff members through an employee stock ownership strategy, or you can merge with another business. Each of these options poses unique benefits and difficulties.

For many company owners, their business is not only their largest asset, it’s the number one thing for which they are most happy and proud. Running a company often doesn’t just represent a job or income, rather a deep history and legacy. A real life manifestation of your blood, sweat, and tears. When it comes time to think about transitioning to a younger generation, it can be a hard choice. If there isn’t anyone trustworthy to take control of the operations, a sale may be the best remaining option. We deal with our company owner clients to make sure they are properly positioned to sell, and if so, that they get the most financial gain for what they’ve created and built. We work carefully with their legal and tax group to build an offer that makes good sense while at the very same time assisting business owner transition out and sometimes into a brand-new venture or hobby. We can help you navigate this procedure unlike a banker, company broker, CPA, or M&A attorney. Are these professionals essential? Absolutely. You will surely need tax and legal suggestions before you finalize the terms and plan for the taxes. Just as importantly, it makes good sense to identify what alternatives will be available after the sale. We certainly provide help financially, but also provide help mentally and with your primary goals in mind. We ensure a sound strategy remains intact to provide for the growth and protection of your newly acquired assets.

If you’re considering the sale of your company or have recently sold and have questions about how we operate or about your specific scenario, feel free to contact us and we’ll enjoy helping you navigate the exciting and challenging process in any way possible.