Private Client Services

Vincent Private Wealth provides a discrete, fully customized approach to the growth and preservation of wealth. We thrive in specific and distinct situations, helping the ultra wealthy with virtually all the unique challenges they face.

High-Net-Worth Individuals & Family Offices

Our experienced team is dedicated to serving the unique needs of high net-worth-investors and families. We offer a private, fully customized approach to your family’s financial and investment needs. We help you with virtually all the unique challenges that come with the growth and preservation of wealth.

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Professional Athletes, Entertainers & Agents

Statistically speaking, things don’t turn out particularly well when it comes to the financial well-being of professional athletes. In fact, studies show that 8 out of 10 athletes end in financial despair. You need and deserve understanding from financial professionals who know your industry. Vincent Private Wealth prides itself on understanding and providing solutions to your unique needs and challenges.

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Physicians, Professionals & Executives

At Vincent Private Wealth, we like to say we plan for the certainty of uncertainty. Because if you’ve invested properly you shouldn’t have to care so much about whether the markets are in a bull or bear cycle. There are a number of steps that physicians and professionals can take to keep from sabotaging their own financial plans.

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Inheritance & Wealth Transfer

We specialize in helping people who have inherited, are going to inherit, or are going to bestow assets to their heirs. We are known for our expertise in helping clients transfer wealth as well as helping clients manage sudden wealth due to an inheritance. We can help you get back in control and feeling confident and secure.

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Lottery Winners & Sudden Wealth Recipients

Vincent Private Wealth provides guidance to lottery winners and has become the go-to resource for serving sudden wealth recipients. We have created a process specifically developed to provide you with immediate clarity into what you truly have as well as the critical steps you need to take now in order to protect and preserve your new wealth.

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Philanthropy & Social Investment

We can work closely with your organization to help meet its unique investment goals. Further, we can work with your personal team of advisors to identify ways to help you create a philanthropic legacy to support the causes you believe in most, with a lasting impact for your lifetime and beyond. The Vincent Private Wealth team is passionate about legacy planning.

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Business Sale & Succession Plan

We help our company owner clients make sure they are properly positioned to sell, and if so, that they get the most financial gain for what they’ve developed. We work carefully with their legal and tax teams to build a transition plan that makes good sense while at the same time often assisting the business owner into a brand-new venture or beloved hobby.

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Lawsuits & Settlements

We’ve worked with many clients who have received their “sudden wealth” through a lawsuit or settlement. Although each situation is unique, what is common to nearly all of them is that they or someone close to them was harmed in some fashion, in essence perpetuating the legal process. It is a great honor as well as an immense sense of responsibility to help guide these clients.

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High-Net-Worth Millennials

Millennials are savvy, independent, skeptical, and far more cautious than some might think. By and large, our Millennial clients don’t come across as entitled, disengaged from the real world or enthralled by instant gratification. Instead, we see a group who are oriented toward the future, who have a strong sense of family, community, and social responsibility.

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