Conquering Wealth Management

Vincent Asset is an innovative financial firm offering investment products which focus on preventing problems, rather than treating them. We provide a wide array of investment and financial products for individual investors, families, institutions, and financial professionals utilizing modern-day approaches that maximize potential gains while simultaneously reducing unnecessary exposure to risk.

Preventative Wealth Care

Preventative Wealth Care® is a philosophy based on the same premise as preventative health care, whereas it's better to prevent problems rather than treat them. It’s a simple and painless 3-step process for investors to personally assess, address, and implement a clear and purposeful wealth care plan of their own. The goal is for you to enjoy gains when they occur and sleep when they don’t. This approach potentially equips investors as well as approved financial professionals with a compelling advantage. We believe successful investing – and ultimately a rewarding and stress-free retirement – is the result of establishing Preventative Wealth Care®. Being proactive versus reactive can be key to maintaining your financial health. If you want the potential for maximum growth, then prevent problems, rather than treat them.

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Private Wealth

Our experienced team is dedicated to serving high-net-worth individuals and families. We offer investment and financial products to accommodate your family’s needs. Our offerings help with virtually all the unique challenges that come with management, growth, and preservation of wealth.

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Financial Fortitude Radio Show

Dale Creed Francis and Ryan Litfin are the hosts of the Financial Fortitude Radio Show, informing and educating listeners on the real world financial issues and pitfalls; the latest investment innovations, opportunities, and solutions; and the most important investment topics. The Financial Fortitude radio show is your best and most entertaining source for the information you need in order to most effectively and efficiently achieve your financial goals.

Educational Dinner Events

These complimentary one-hour lunch and dinner events offer an informative introduction to Preventative Wealth Care®, non-correlated diversification techniques, tax reduction strategies, direct participation programs, multi-generational income, principal protection, alternative investments, hybrid instruments, and more. They help you understand how and why true diversification across non-correlated and divergent asset classes is so key to wealth preservation and growth.